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Welcome to AACN’s Scholarship Page! Please review the due dates and eligibility criteria carefully as you examine the various applications. If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, you are able to save your work and return to finish it later.If you have any questions, please contact Alexa Betances, Foundation Coordinator, abetances@aacnnursing.org.

AACN-QGenda Scholarship Application
Deadlines: February 1, July 1,  and October 1

Deborah E. Trautman Future Nurse Leader Scholarship
Deadline: October 1

Advancing Academic Leadership for Deans
Deadline: January 15, 2024

Elevating Leaders in Academic Nursing
Deadline: March 15, 2024

AACN-Wharton Executive Leadership Program
Deadline: March 29, 2024 
Application recently revised for improved user experience.

Hurst Review/AACN Nursing Scholarship
Deadlines:February 1, and September 1

NurseThink - AACN Scholarship
Deadlines: January 31, and July 15

Scrubin Uniforms/AACN Scholarship
Deadlines: March 1, September 1, and December 1

Uniform Advantage - GNSA Scholarship
Deadlines: January 31, and September 30